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Peekaboo Beans


The resell value, the hand me down quality, the amazing company that is Canadian based, the fabulous no harsh chemicals so our babes are safe......the list goes on! - Sarah

My kids love how comfy it is. The quality and feel is like no other brand of kids clothes I've ever seen. - Jennifer

Peekaboo Beans is a comfortable clothing line for kids. My daughter is really hard on her pants and she usually has to wear a larger size in most brands but with Peekaboo Beans they last and they fit to size. The best part is my girls love them and ask specifically for Peekaboo Beans. Plus, the clothing is also great for potty training! - Amanda

I love that my children can easily dress themselves! - Sarah

As a mom of a son with sensory processing difficulty, beans have made life much easier for us. He loves beans for their special features: no itchy tags, fabrics that don't make his skin rashy, they are comfy and stretchy all day. The thumb holes even serve as a fidget! Best of all, beans have a heavier weight to them, which is an added blessing when they help keep him calm at school. - Carla

The quality is amazing, the clothes are comfortable, and they are tailored for growing children. Many other companies make the clothes wider as the sizes get bigger, but Peekaboo Beans makes their pieces longer so that they are grow-with-me pieces. We almost always get 2 seasons (2 spring/summers or 2 fall/winters) out of our beans, which means we get amazing value for the price! If you want proof that Peekaboo Beans are made from quality fabrics come and check out my daughter's closet - she has items that were produced in 2009 and 2010 (which we did NOT buy new) and they still look fantastic. I don't know of any other children's clothing brand that can boast longevity like Peekaboo Beans. Thank you Traci for creating the best clothes for children! - Marni

"E" has always had sensitive skin, the kid who ended up in cloth diapers because disposables would cause rashes, the kid who can't use scented anything, the kid who complains about clothes scratching him. So when he told me he liked the clothes from Peekaboo Beans I bought our first outfit. Two years later it's all he wears. - Allison

It's all my daughter wears! I actually spend less on clothing now because I don't buy things here and there. - Crystal

It's the only clothing my 4 1/2 and 3 year old ask to wear by name! I have to fight to get anything other than Peekaboo Beans on them. Amazing quality and adorable clothing! - Marchie

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