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Peekaboo Beans

Our Mission

Providing the ingredients for a playful life!


We passionately believe that PLAY is the foundation for a happy life.

We encourage this in our children by promoting a childhood full of unstructured PLAY, curiosity, creativity, and a sense of wonderment.

But PLAY isn't limited to just children, the Peekaboo Beans team and our village of Play Stylists practice our beliefs as deeply held convictions. We put our core ingredients into action as behaviours and practices.

This is why PLAY is the golden thread that weaves our core ingredients together.

OUR MISSION What we get up for everyday

Providing the ingredients for a playful life.

OUR VISION When we know our work is done

Play is rooted in families everywhere, leaving a legacy of happy healthy human beans.


We are tearing down the walls that sacrifice our families for our work.
We are passionate about what we do. We innovate and create with our whole heart. It's ourpassion for PLAY that ignites us.
We always share our toys. We lead and inspire. We live responsibly. We respect and appreciate one another.
We think both locally and globally - we are all connected. Our beliefs and actions reflect what is in our hearts and minds.

We exist to bring play to our families, communities and the world. We've built a village where play happens, where families are supported and where every mother is given the means to create the life she has always dreamed of.

Traci Costa
Founder & Director of Play

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