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Many clothing brands, including children’s clothing brands, are focused on designing and manufacturing in a ‘fast fashion’ capacity. The intention of fast fashion is to design and manufacture inexpensive clothing (for as cheap as humanly possible) with the sole purpose of selling in high volumes to turn a quick profit. Often the fabric, the supply chain, or the production chain (or all three) are compromised to produce fast fashion garments.

Our approach at PK Beans is entirely different. We ethically manufacture and are dedicated to providing the best clothing for children to feel independent, and play in comfort all day, every day.

We insist that our business partners implement our values and vision as a company, as well as provide guidance to our manufacturing partners on ethical standards and how to achieve them. Our business partners do not utilize child or forced labor and all employees are fairly compensated for hours worked at a rate that meets local industry standards. We're rigorous when it comes to working with partners that meet our stringent ethical guidelines in terms of both labour and quality.

Find our more at www.oeko-tex.com

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